I have been struggling with this issue ever since upgrading to the latest version of Astroberry with new Kstars/Ekos/PHD2. Looking through the logs, it mostly seems to happen immediately after Download complete, but the file is not present where it is expected, I just get this error as the last entry in the logs:
[2022-01-08T03:41:09.947 EST WARN ][                       default] - QObject::~QObject: Timers cannot be stopped from another thread

Sounds are all disabled, I did get similar errors in the past that seemed related to Phonon issue, but I have disabled sounds for all notifications.

I would run the ekos debugger, but I haven't found instructions for how to get that installed and compiled on astroberry, when I try to install using sudo apt-get install ekos-debugger, there is nothing to install.

Attached the most recent crash log, hoping someone can help me get past this.



Rhys Edwards created a new topic ' Manually Run Startup Script' in the forum. 2 years ago

I'm trying to test a startup script, but it gives me an error that "cannot run startup procedure while indi devices are not online". My devices are all online though.

Searching for that error returns very few results other than the actual code. I looked at the code and found a comment that says
/* FIXME: Probably issue a warning only, in case the user wants to run the startup script alone */

I'm not an expert, but it seems like the logic is checking to see if indi is idle vs. actually offline and generating an error. Not sure why being idle would cause any problems, and it would be an easy fix just to eliminate that one bit of logic to enable the script to be run manually.

if (indiState == INDI_IDLE)
            KSNotification::sorry(i18n("Cannot run startup procedure while INDI devices are not online."));

Any chance this can be fixed?

Thank you


From www.indilib.org/individuals/ekos-kstars/...-ekos-scheduler.html it says the script can be any language that can be executed on the local machine.

"Startup and shutdown scripts can be written any language that can be executed on the local machine. It must return 0 to report success, any other exist value is considered an error indicator."

I'm working on startup/cooldown and shutdown/warmup scripts that are executable bash and work at the console, but I'm having issues running them in the context of Ekos. The startup script gives an error "cannot run startup procedure while indi devices are not online", but all my devices are online. Running the shutdown script starts and outputs to the indi console, so I know it is starting, but then it hangs. I suspect there's a detail I need to work out with permissions perhaps, but the odd thing is when I terminate the script, it keeps restarting again. I had to close kstars completely to get out of the loop.

Happy to share what I have working, but I'm hoping someone chimes in with some tips. I haven't found anything of relevance to the error I'm getting, and very little in the way of resources for these scripts other than that one online man page.


Rhys Edwards replied to the topic 'camera cooling and warming' in the forum. 2 years ago

I can see the warm up checkbox on the scheduler, but I don't see any other control over temp threshold/timing or anything relating to cool down. Am I missing something?