From it says the script can be any language that can be executed on the local machine.

"Startup and shutdown scripts can be written any language that can be executed on the local machine. It must return 0 to report success, any other exist value is considered an error indicator."

I'm working on startup/cooldown and shutdown/warmup scripts that are executable bash and work at the console, but I'm having issues running them in the context of Ekos. The startup script gives an error "cannot run startup procedure while indi devices are not online", but all my devices are online. Running the shutdown script starts and outputs to the indi console, so I know it is starting, but then it hangs. I suspect there's a detail I need to work out with permissions perhaps, but the odd thing is when I terminate the script, it keeps restarting again. I had to close kstars completely to get out of the loop.

Happy to share what I have working, but I'm hoping someone chimes in with some tips. I haven't found anything of relevance to the error I'm getting, and very little in the way of resources for these scripts other than that one online man page.