I have been struggling with this issue ever since upgrading to the latest version of Astroberry with new Kstars/Ekos/PHD2. Looking through the logs, it mostly seems to happen immediately after Download complete, but the file is not present where it is expected, I just get this error as the last entry in the logs:
[2022-01-08T03:41:09.947 EST WARN ][                       default] - QObject::~QObject: Timers cannot be stopped from another thread

Sounds are all disabled, I did get similar errors in the past that seemed related to Phonon issue, but I have disabled sounds for all notifications.

I would run the ekos debugger, but I haven't found instructions for how to get that installed and compiled on astroberry, when I try to install using sudo apt-get install ekos-debugger, there is nothing to install.

Attached the most recent crash log, hoping someone can help me get past this.