Pulling my hair out tonight testing auto focussing. I did some 30 sec image captures manually changing the step count and bracketing around where I can see the sharpest focus. Auto focussing results in step values sometimes quite far from where I know it should be. I am struggling to get a good V graph. It's only an impression so I could be wrong but the HFR value isn't accurate with my images especially away from the best focus position. Here the star images are not perfect more fuzzier round blobs but break up into 2 or 3 spots.
To test further I need to capture the auto focus images so I can load in fits viewer and analyse. I think I came across an option to do that but failing to find it again. Can you point me to the setting please?
I would also like to create a script so I could step the focuser at a given step size and capture my own images. And run it both ways to check if I have any focuser or optical issues. Is this possible?
I may be missing something but I didn't find the simulator useful as it doesn't take an actual image so can't see how it can help. Struggling to find documentation on how to use the simulator.