David Bennett replied to the topic 'Auto Focus failures' in the forum. 3 months ago

I had the same problem last night with auto focus failing resulting in loss of imaging time once again!!

I have attached the log file and the analyse file. Last night I had extra debugging turned on.
I can see a bug where autoguiding attempts to capture a 5 second exposure with the ZWO ASI 120 mini camera. I refer to this as a bug as the exposure time was set to 2 seconds and all previous guiding images were captured with 2 second exposures! So what changed this to 5 seconds? Following this autoguiding aborts failing to capture an image and then Capture aborts. Game over for the evening.
I am using 2 ZWO cameras ASI 2600MM as the imager and ASI 120 mini as the guider.
My profile just has a ZWO CCD driver the CCD and nothing set for the guider. I have set the guider to ZWO CCD as well in the past but I think at some point it changed back to '--' . I have read somewhere not to use ZWO Camera 1 and 2 as they are experimental (despite being selectable in the released software). With just CCD set for the imager works anyway and I have read a single driver supports multiple cameras even though the Profile Editor is misleading allowing different driver combinations to be selected. Maybe with one driver there are times when it gets the two cameras muddled?

Auto focussing can be initiated by filter change, 2 conditions in capture and EKOS settings so its possible there will be times when Auto focussing is started simultaneously by 2 or more conditions. I guess this is handled correctly?

Is there an EKOS log viewer which supports filtering of messages and tracing of capture, guiding and focussing events to help with debugging?