David Bennett replied to the topic 'Auto Focus failures' in the forum. 3 months ago

Thanks for explanation on backlash. I understand now. Just need to remember to put it back to its measured value when using the focuser manually. With Fine focus its a small amount about 5 and course 40. I will use a value of 50 to cover all eventualities.
Thanks for explanation of Max Travel. The hint says 'Maximum travel in steps before the autofocus process aborts'. We said it was +/- this value before so I was reading this as a relative value and not absolute. For the ZWO EAF the home position is 0 and max value is 65,000. I guess code wont attempt to move to a negative value so that end is protected and I will set the max value to 65,000 or less if there is insufficient movement in the focuser?
The direction of the focuser can be reversed so zero can be closest in or furthest out. When auto focuser describes motion as motion in it could actually be going out. I notice focusing moves decreasing the count. As telescope is expected to be pointing above the horizontal then its probably best to drive the camera towards the scope (in) to keep slack out of the gears. If that sounds sensible, then I need to set EAF direction so zero is closest towards the scope? With course EAF motor fits on opposite end of shaft and direction is reversed then I need to reverse the reverse to keep zero closest in!