Steve, to be clear, are you saying the interface label for image delta is incorrect and it should read seconds and not minutes? Is it better if delta was given in seconds as minutes is a large value for imaging?

Should software be changed to at least give an accurate phrase. Even if underlying guide software has no errors it is really import for the user interface to be clear and precise backed up with on-line documentation. Writing good documentation is a real drag but really important.

I check cables and power supply on a regular basis and will check the mount as that could be the cause. At the moment it's clear the guiding RMS goes very high > 1000 as cloud starts to pass through and I see trailed images with mount going out of position. Turning on verify image position and setting a delta should help and put mount back to correct position but an unnecessary action if mount was left to continue guiding at sidereal rate and not go out of position.

Let me do some checks please and I will report back with results.