A few days ago, my Canon camera stopped taking pictures.

There are error messages in indi-logs: [ERROR] Exposure failed to save image... Unspecified error 

I changed the USB cable three times, changed the PC. The camera behavior was the same.
If I turn off the "Forced bulb", the camera well works with mirror lock up options and takes pictures, but no more than 30 seconds. If I turn on "Force bulb", camera locks up mirror, but not shut. Also there are warning messages in the indi-logs: [WARNING] Closing Nikon remote serial shutter failed. 

But on Win-host with EOS utility the camera works fine.

I don't know what happened, but the camera worked well before. I even took the same camera from a friend, but result is the same.

What can i do yet?

OS: Debian buster
Indilib 1.9.3 bult from sources