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Yes I had it working better, but after a particular incident, cant remember it crashed and then every time after for short time it crashed again and again. I think if I reboot it, it would have worked again fine.

Whatever it is, it is finicky.

Not sure if I can handle all the issues at this time.


I initially had a setup using a RPi Zero. Works great but PHD2 doesn't work.

Now I received a RPi 4 8G and it is working and well although having issue with PHD2 and KStar crashing after losing a guide star.


Malcolm Whinfield replied to the topic 'Re:PHD2 always crashes' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hi, I just come onto the forum to post something similar. Both KStars and PHD2 crash while in the middle of guiding. I found the correlation on 2 occasions when PHD2 lost a star then it would crash. I was able to go through the PHD2 log and see when it nose dived.

Unfortunately I am not a software person only a hardware person, so I can't place a simple idea what could be wrong and where to look at this stage.


Hi All,

I have found a problem that I need to investigate and will post it to the forum somewhere when i have compiled the conditions.

I can get the issue resolved only by a certain operating procedure but is still some sort of bug. As i am more a hardware dude software reporting is a limitation on my capability.



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If you use PHD2 for dithering, set the dithering method to spiral or random if it is available. I had the rainfall problem and has been eliminated


Hi All,

I am new to this forum, although I registered my interest way back. So I decided to have a go with Indi and Ekos so i am looking at Astroberry Server.

I have now been able to successfully take images as a test, Darks Lights, ....

I have also successfully set up and can operate my mount without any problem other than of my own doing.

My final set up after testing the first two is to use PHD2. I decided to use PHD2 as I am successfully using it for my current setup and as I have limited space in the back yard I can only use Drift alignment. Polar alignment is out of the question.

Cutting to the chase:

I tried starting PHD2 from the server and nothing. I get an hourglass appear for about 20 seconds then nothing. I have searched the forum without success, the closest was a problem where killing existing PHD2 process was the solution, but that is not the issue in my case. I am wondering if it has installed correctly, I have done the obligatory sudo apt Update && sudo apt install $$ sudo apt dist upgrade. All saying there is nothing to update/upgrade.

I am running out of option other than running and separate install but not sure if the installation from the .img is configured differently.

I am more a hobby embedded programmer and advanced hardware designer. Software issues are not my strong point.

Any suggestion please?