I run Indi+Kstar/Ekos on Stellarmate within a RPI. I run everything locally on the RPI itself, I dont use a remote client. I use a Canon DSLR for shooting.

After each exposure in a sequence, there is a "Download" phasis that takes a while (15 / 20 sec). Such amount of time seems odd: are the data transfered via network altough all is supposed to be local?!?

When I go on Indi control pannel for my DSLR and check "Upload local" instead of "Upload client" in Option tab, the picture is saved directly on the local directory defined in "Upload settings / Dir". It takes much, much less time: only a few seconds (like 5) !! But Ekos doesn't display the picture. However I prefer that because 10 seconds more on each expesure can result in a significative amount of additional intgration time at the end of night..

But there is a problem: when I check this "Upload local" in Indi Control Panl the setting is automatically set back to "Upload client" when the next exposure begins... So I cannot set it permanently.

Is there a stable way to make this "Download" step last only 5 seconds instead of 15/20 ??