Nicolas created a new topic ' What camera for a RPI4 ?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

first topic here, I'm still a beginner in astrophotography, I started 1 year ago with a really basic set-up.

Today I've upgraded almost everything. I use a Sky Watcher 150/750 on an EQ5 mount with a Go-To system and belt. I use a RPI4 with Kstar/Ekos and Phd2, the autoguiding system works with a Datyson T7C.
My camera is an old EOS 1000D unfiltered by myself. It works well but I recently started to watch for an astro camera.

The idea is to find a camera working with all the set-up and piloted by Ekos. The RPI4 is a 4GB ram.

I dont want to make any mistake, so i'd like to know wich camera are working well with Ekos and a RPI 4BG with a Datyson T7C running at the same time.
The cameras that interest me the most by now are the one with the Imx294 sensor ( Asi294C or QHY294C ) or maybe the QHY168C, anyway It's juste the beginning of my researchs, I'm not closed to any other camera.

Thanks and sorry for my "french" english !