Ok, so I am pretty new to indiserver, but I think I have it mostly working. I have an indiserver (Astroberry) running on an RPI4 with a locally connected RPI HQ Camera (indi_rpicam). I can start it up and connect from an indi client and see it no problem. I have a second indi server running on an RPI0 W and after a little work, I was able to get the indi_rpicam driver compiled and working there as well. I can connect to either server and see the local camera. However, when I start the indiserver using this command:

indiserver -v indi_rpicam <qt>RPI Camera<qt>@ipaddressofrpi0

It connects, but I can only see one of the cameras from the client. I can chain to the second server without the local driver and I do see the remote camera, but not when I have both drivers running. I don't get any errors or anything, I just don't see the camera. I have tried to do it with fifo as well just to see if it would show up. I am not sure if it's because they have the same name or what. I have tried searching, but I haven't found anything similar to this problem. I know that kstars will let me connect to multiple indiservers, but I think I saw that ekos can't, except through chaining. Any help would be appreciated.