Hi, i updated SBIG-INDI-Driver along with INDI 1.9.7 and noticed, that my filter-wheel is no longer recognized in EKOS.
I checked the source-code and identified a problem in sbig_ccd.cpp at line 2194 ff.

if ((res = GetCcdInfo(&gccdip, &results4)) == CE_NO_ERROR)
m_hasGuideHead = true;
m_useExternalTrackingCCD = results4.capabilitiesBits & CB_CCD_EXT_TRACKER_YES;
LOGF_DEBUG("TRACKING_CCD Extended CCD Info 4. CapabilitiesBit: (%u) Dump Extra (%u)",
results4.capabilitiesBits, results4.dumpExtra);
... here the driver returns in my configuration!!
m_hasGuideHead = false;
LOGF_DEBUG("%s: CCD_INFO_EXTENDED2_TRACKING -> (%s). No guide head detected.", __FUNCTION__, GetErrorString(res));
return CE_NO_ERROR;

If the driver is unable to identify a GuideHead at the camera, it simply returns withou further checking the filterwheel configuration, which follows the above code.
I checked the driver versions and the latest, which works with my SBIG STF 8300M, was version 1.9.4 !
In version 1.9.4 the driver simply continues checking all possible configurations and does not return.