I'm wondering if you'd be willing to share your code (both XML and driver) with me - I've been playing with the StandardFirmata and the various indiduino example XMLs, and I've been able to write my own config XML such that I can drive a few relays, create a few PWM signals, and read a few microswitches, but I'm struggling to integrate anything else, such as e.g an I2C device. The documentation I generally find on anything indiduino is - at best - fairly rudimentary and usually shows the sort of minimal thing you can do. I'm looking for a more versatile driver where I can choose for each pin between input, output, PWM, servo (if that's different than pwm), I2C, onewire, and possibly even more. There's a sort of universal one for the raspberrypi/indi-3rd-party/indi-pi-gpio where you can program up to 5 devices like that (for use on the pi, not on the arduino, of course), and I was looking at increasing it to 9, but as soon as I did that ("static const int n_gpio_pin = 5; -> 9") and built the driver, the indi device crashed, and returning it back to 5 devices and rebuilding the driver didn't fix that crash, so I'm sort of at a loss. So, your meteostation has a lot of different sensors, some on I2C, some perhaps just analogue 0-5V, some onewire even ? I'm keen to learn a bit more about this.