About at my wits end with Kstars and Ekos. 

Every other time I do an update, I seem to discover something new that doesn't work and has no easy to find solution to it.
Tonight, after 6 hours of fucking with it, the scheduler flat does nothing.  it starts and .. nadda.. just sits there. 
Manually running an imaging session works - polar align, focuser focus, target align, tracking routine,. then the exposure list, etc..  no problem. 

But put it all in the scheduler and nothing happens at all.  it sits and the only activity to be seen is the "no jobs running" spinning icon.
can't find any error messages anywhere, can't find any reference to it in the log files.  it just does nothing and offers no explanation why it is doing nothing.

I ran 'sudo apt update..  then  'upgrade' .. and it kicked out a long list of "this package relies on <something> and it is not going to be installed"

screen shot attached,.

I'm hoping someone can explain this and tell me how to get it to work again.

I seem to have about a 25% success rate for using Kstars and Ekos.  3 out of every 4 nights of trying to use it are totally wasted trying to figure out the latest completely random reason it isn't working right.

It ran for a month just recently without any hiccups at all.  I was pretty happy.. for a month..  Then tonight it decides to just completely trash itself somehow.
Getting highly annoyed at the repeat pattern of completely wasted nights cussing at it not working correctly.

I've had rain for a week.  last night and tonight it was clear.   last night I was unable to set it up and use it.. tonight I had the whole night free and nice clear skies with low humidity and good seeing.   Tonight I've spent 6 hours so far with zero success at it doing anything.

"highly fucking pissed" is putting it mildly.