Chris Farrell created a new topic ' Password: sorry, try again' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi All

First up just want to say a huge thanks to everyone involved in updating and maintaining astroberry, it's freaking amazing. 

I have a problem where I can login into astroberry via astroberry.local using the default astroberry password (I have it installed on a RP4 and am logging in from a Windows 10 machine). But when I try to do anything via command line using the same password it says "Sorry, try again." I've checked the keyboard layout under Preferences > Keyboard and mouse, I keep changing the layout to English (Australian) but the OS keeps changing it back to English (US). When I "Type in the following box to test your keyboard settings", I can type the word astroberry successfully.

Any ideas what might be the issue here? I was looking to do an update but can't do anything via command line that requires a password. I've also tried the "astrober" password.