Damian replied to the topic 'Guiding stopped working - Fixed' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Yup - it was optical trains.

Jasem I just saw your video on walking through them and saw you had both cameras guide column set to the mount. That fixed it for me.

Leaving this here to help anybody else that missed it too.


Damian replied to the topic 'Guiding stopped working' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

OK it seems to be related to the new feature - Imagetrain. If I modify image train so that 120mm is both secondary camera and guide, and select mount for 183MC then at least it tries. Ends up timing out with the following:

2023-01-17T17:50:56 GUIDE DEC: Scope cannot reach the start point after 21 iterations.
Possible mount or backlash problems...
2023-01-17T17:49:54 DEC drifting reverse...
2023-01-17T17:49:31 DEC drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:49:18 DEC backlash...
2023-01-17T17:49:08 RA drifting reverse...
2023-01-17T17:48:38 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:48:38 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:48:38 Auto star selected.
2023-01-17T17:48:22 Autoguiding aborted.
2023-01-17T17:47:47 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:47:47 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:47:47 Auto star selected.
2023-01-17T17:46:56 GUIDE_RA: Scope cannot reach the start point after 21 iterations. Possible mount or backlash problems...
2023-01-17T17:46:02 RA drifting reverse...
2023-01-17T17:45:35 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:45:35 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:45:35 Auto star selected.
2023-01-17T17:45:17 Autoguiding aborted.
2023-01-17T17:44:46 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:44:46 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:44:46 Auto star selected.
2023-01-17T17:43:42 Autoguiding aborted.
2023-01-17T17:43:19 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:43:19 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:43:19 Auto star selected.
2023-01-17T17:42:52 Autoguiding aborted.
2023-01-17T17:42:17 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:42:17 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:42:17 Auto star selected.
2023-01-17T17:29:44 Autoguiding aborted.
2023-01-17T17:22:53 RA drifting forward...
2023-01-17T17:22:53 Calibration started.
2023-01-17T17:22:53 Auto star selected.

How should I configure imaging train please ? I did read all the docs I could find.


Damian created a new topic ' Guiding stopped working' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Almost certainly something I'm doing wrong but .... reaching out for ideas please.

Guiding was working with this rig/mount/cameras under 3.6.1

Update to 3.6.2 and all works except guiding. I have the guide interface, select the right camera. Capture an image OK. I select guide and the activity indicator spins, the Prep yellow light goes on and a few entries in the log fie:
Autostar selected
Calibration started
RA Drifting forward

No plots appear in the charts and nothing seems to move. The attached logs are provided.

I must be doing something wrong but I can't see it. Shame to lose tonight if I can't fix it.

Rig is a Skywatcher 150PDS / ASI 183MC Pro main and ASI 120MM-S guide, 50mm guide scope, all on a HEQ5 Pro.

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I use a 183MC Pro and 120MM-S together.
I select ZWO CCD for both in the setup.
Then in the image train I select the 183 or 120 for the Primary and Secondary trains.
Only combination that works for me with 2x ZWO.


Thanks for checking and suggesting the option changes Hy.

It was the "Remember job progress" that was tripping me up. The sequence ran once then refused to run again. Sorted now.

Udo you're right, you can have the same name for jobs but I had to unselect the option "Sort Jobs by Alt & Prio".

I remember as a kid being allowed to control one of the smaller radio antenna (a 5m dish IIRC) at a visit to Jodrell Bank. I'll never forget it. Perhaps we can let young visitors to the stand pick a star in Kstars and we'll have the OTA slew to it. Unending possibilities.

So, Happy Bunny and thanks for your help :)


Thanks for your replies. I had unset all constraints.

The demo is on 18th Sep from 10:30am - 5pm GMT. Location is 51N 1.5W.

I'll attach the two files.

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I was already editing the XML as you typed that. Thanks.
Also fixed the options as you mentioned.
Still having problems with it.
Not sure whether I can have several jobs with same name so have numbered them.
Executing the jobs now fails as all are in state idle and there is apparently nothing more to do.
Will need to site down with the manual for a while.


Thanks for your super-quick reply Udo.
I did try all of those options - especially the repeat until terminated.

I think though your suggestion has helped.

It appears that the Job Completion Options apply to each job, not the list of defined jobs. So the first job had no end time because I created it with the Job Completion option set to repeat until terminated. If I set that first (and subsequent jobs) to Sequence Completion, then it works.

So as you say, it appears I can define jobs here but I cannot run the whole sequence multiple times. If true then that would be an issue for this demo.



We'll be running a stand at an event next week and would like to have one scope slewing too different parts of the sky every minute. This will be during the day so it's just a demo for the interest of visitors.
I tried configuring the scheduler by adding 4 locations with RA and DEC. Manually slewing to them works fine. Putting them into the scheduler allows the first then any subsequent target is marked as invalid.

The error is "Warning: Job 'Demo Slew' cannot start because its previous sibling has no completion time, marking invalid."

I'm using a sequence file that just takes one 60s light frame at bin4, which will be ignored.
Any ideas how to get around this please, or is there a better way to do this ?


It's painful to redo but worth a try.

I also noticed that your install string is different.

Mine is:
sudo apt-get install indi-full kstars-bleeding

but yours is:
sudo apt-get install indi-full gsc

I don't know what the package gsc is but I didn't use it. Also you''re missing the kstars package, which contains EKOS.

I also do an update after adding Jasem's PPA.

If all else fails you could try my method and see if you fare any better.


Ubuntu 20.04 works fine with this as I understand 22 does.

After you install the OS and before you clone Jasem's PPA, did you run the following to update to latest packages ?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then do the indi / kstars stuff.