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Just wanted to say many thanks for this!

I actually found out about the project through the PentaxForums site which pointed me over here and to the Github repo: github.com/karlrees/indi-3rdparty/blob/m...ndi-pentax/README.md

To start with the driver works for the K1 mkII in both PTP and MSC modes which is fantastic... though playing around I managed to crash my camera in PTP mode and had to remove the battery to unlock it as it wouldn't even power off.

Since then I performed an update on my system and everything seems to be much more stable. :)

I run Arch Linux as an FYI.....

Quick question: is the Live Video function supported?? The only thing I managed to get is a black screen, recording also doesn't seem to work as the file size is 0.

Probably not the place to ask but as a beginner with KStars and indilib I would like to know if Live View is the same thing as Live Video? Or is it referring to the Live View within the camera? I have heard it mentioned many times in my reading on the forum but got confused.



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I've just installed indilib on Arch Linux with Kstars and Gphoto2 libraries.

Having read through the supported CCD's, Pentax cameras are supported however, it seems the K1 and mkII versions are not supported.

I also tried connecting my camera then invoking the indi server from command line (I put the camera into PTP mode), this is the result I got:

$ indiserver indi_pentax_ccd
2021-08-06T09:00:43: startup: indiserver indi_pentax_ccd 
2021-08-06T09:00:43: Driver indi_pentax_ccd: Number of cameras detected: 1.
2021-08-06T09:00:43: Driver indi_pentax_ccd: Detected camera model USB PTP Class Camera on port usb:003,010
2021-08-06T09:00:43: Driver indi_pentax_ccd: Failed to find model USB PTP Class Camera in supported cameras.
2021-08-06T09:00:43: Driver indi_pentax_ccd: Falling back to generic name.

Would this be an easily added device or would one have to write a driver for it?