Beuq created a new topic ' ieq45 with HC8406 indi drivers' in the forum. 2 months ago


First, bravo to the indi team for all the work done !

I have a stellarmate and an asiair pro to control my astro setup, my mount is an iOptron ieq45 with Hand controller i8406.

- In stellarmate :

  • I select the mount drivers iOptron HC8406
  • The mount is very well handled : Goto, tracking, pulse autoguiding and park are all ok.
- In Asiair Pro :
  • I select the telescope drivers ieq45 & 8406
  • Goto and pulse guiding are not working (tracking is OK)

Both Stellarmate and Aisair share INDI drivers, do you know why there is a difference ? Maybe difeerent Indi drivers version ?
Thanks for your help.