Jasem - Everything is working! Creating a new set up file directly in Ekos did the trick!

thanks for your help!




Jasem, I may have "fixed it". I deleted the profile I created in Stellarmate app on iPad. Then I rebooted. Then I created a new profile on the iPad. 

When I brought up Ekos, INDI came up with a start up screen and wanted me to create a new profile. I did, and now the guide scope setup is in the guiding up.

I'll test later this week and let you know.


Again, thanks for the help. The requested screen shot is attached.

I've updated the Aperture to 50 (I'm a retired professional photography, so "Aperture" to me means f/4.2).

Over in Ekos, under the Guiding tab, scope info is still "XXX".


Would appreciate a reply to my last note on this. I have not been able to get tracking working with my Stellarmate. I'm ready to dump it if I don't get a solution to this problem.


Yes, Guide scope is setup in Stellarmate app. Everywhere I see it there is looks correct. Here are three more screen shots.

It's a Stellarvue 50mm Guide scope (50mm, 210mm focal lengteh, f/4.2).

Can Stellarmate/Ekos can connect to it. Over the camera part of the app, I can choose it and take a picture with it.

The only problem I can find is those "XXX's" in the VPN screen of the Guiding App. And I cannot tell how to force those to update or edit them myself.



Jasem, Thanks for the reply! Took me while to get back out and experiment more due to bad weather.

But here's the story: Guide is aperture and focal length are set up in Stellarmate iOS app. When logging in thru VPN, I can set the guide camera is also setup correctly in the INDI settings.

When I got into Ekos and into the Guider screen, at the bottom are the guide scope settings with "XXX". I don't understand why these aren't getting pulled over since I've already entered them thru the app for the guide scope. Also, I'm unable to edit these fields so I can put in the correct values.

Any help, most appreciated. I'm trying to get my Stellarmate so it's at the "plug it in and go" stage so I can use it at Public Star Parties.


If I try to running guiding from the Stellarmate on iOS, it doesn't work. Nothing happens. If I log into web interface and look at Ekos, I see an error message of something like "Guide Scope Focal length not defined". Yet it is. I set it up in Stellarmate App, and I can see the guide scope focal length in Ekos.

What I've been forced do is run PHD2  from the web interface, which runs fine with no additional set up. 

But I would like to get guiding working from the Stellarmate App.

Any hints?