The Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox (PPB) driver is not 100% to spec, according to the debug logs and Pegasus Astro's information on driver protocol (available at  Specifically, for DSLR port control.

I'm having the problem that the PPB is not consistent with what happens with the DSLR power port control and so sometimes it starts and turns the camera on and sometimes it doesn't.  I cannot consistently ensure that the camera is being turned on and so have had to bypass this port for now (which is not ideal).  So I took a look at the debug information.  Here's what the INDI driver sends to turn the camera port of (this is correct):

DEBUG   506.958763 sec  : CMD <P2:0>
DEBUG   506.975393 sec  : RES <P2:0>
DEBUG   507.453585 sec  : CMD <PA>
DEBUG   507.503622 sec  : RES <PPB:12.1:0:19.6:42:6.3:0:0:0:0:0>

Here's what it sends to turn it on (which is not correct):

DEBUG   510.563650 sec  : CMD <P2:-1>
DEBUG   510.576494 sec  : RES <P2:1>

Note that the actual command sent is P2:-1 when it should be P2:1.  Now, the response would indicate that it has turned the port on, but the camera does not actually turn on most of the time.  I'm happy to fix the driver myself to remove the extra minus sign but the web site seems to provide no indication on how to actually submit a bug report (though it suggest that one can do so) nor provide a location for where the source lives.  So I'm submitting here.