I'm a fairly new user to KStars and this may not even be the right place for my issue but hoping to start somewhere.
Purchased Stellarmate OS and have it loaded on a PI4 4gb. My equipment is connected to Stellarmate and I'm running KStars and EKOS from my PC.
This week I have been successful in getting all my equipment connected and working properly down to focusing, platesolving, mount, guiding, capture. Really impressed with my new set-up. Unfortunately, everynight KStars just closes. Last night I was running a sequence and it just closed, tonight I was just taking lots of darks and walked away to come back latter to see KStars gone from the screen. I can go to my browser and see that the Stellarmate thru VNC is still up and running.
I did enable logs tonight but dont know if I enabled the correct ones or how to read them.
Really lost on next steps to take to figure this out.
Thanks in advance for any help.