Hi Kevin
Firstly a huge thank you for the work you've done on this driver.  It's been a lot of fun playing with getting this working on my Raspberry Pi 4 and StellarmateOS.  I have a question on microstepping and I suspect I am missing something elementary.  I have a 1.8 degree (200 steps/rev) Nema14 motor that I am trying to pair with my SVX102T refractor.  My scope has a CFZ of 111 microns and I am trying to achieve the recommended 10 steps per CFZ.  I believe that using 1/8 steps should achieve this goal, but I am a loss as to how to make the driver do this.  I tested with the Waveshare Python code (which needed to be corrected for the active high enable pin) and was able to make the stepper motor do a 1/8 rev with 200 steps:

    Motor1.TurnStep(Dir='forward', steps=200, stepdelay = 0.0001)
    Motor1.TurnStep(Dir='backward', steps=200, stepdelay = 0.0001)
  1. To make this work for the focuser, I changed the MICROSTEPPING define in wmh_focuser.cpp to 8 and set the dip switches to 110 on the board.  However, this still yields a full turn for 200 steps when I test using the Indi Control panel for the focuser. I'm sure I'm misunderstanding the intent of the MICROSTEPPING define, but for the life of my I can't figure it out. 
  2. I then figured I could put the motor onto the fine focus knob, but wouldn't that make focusing really slow?