Chris Kuethe created a new topic ' Thoughts on the dark library' in the forum. 6 months ago

So the universe is clearly angry at me for stealing too many photons last night and it's blessed me with clouds tonight. Fine, I needed to expand my dark library anyway. Here are some thoughts I had while doing that.

  • If I have multiple cameras, I should be able to run the dark library tool in parallel for each of them, eg. guide camera and imaging camera.
  • I'd like to keep the generated dark library someplace it can be shared (eg. a network drive) among various rigs. Yes, I've also got a dark library on my network share that I can use with Siril, but it's nice to let Ekos do some of that work for me.
  • I'd like to be able to use bigger intervals. Right now it seems I can go up to 20s steps; once I get to a couple of 120s or 180s exposures I'd prefer to be able to increase by up to 60s for the generated dark sequences
  • Dark library manager (DLM) limits me to collecting 20 darks for a given exposure range. Why not let me take as many as the sequencer would allow lights? This would probably help in compensating the bias too, right?
  • DLM doesn't show me other capture parameters, eg. gain or offset.
  • The CCD column isn't useful given that I already know what camera I'm operating on because of the drop-down
  • DLM doesn't let me choose what gain(s) to use
  • DLM doesn't let me multi-select and delete a bunch of darks that I didn't want
  • DLM doesn't preserver sort order when deleting entries
  • DLM can't sort by multiple columns, eg. first by duration and then by temperature