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Hi all,

does anyone have experience with the sesto senso 2 focuser under Kstars/Ubuntu?
Iam use Kstars/Ekos as client under windows as well as under ubuntu to access Ekos on my RPI 4 (Stellarmate). On Kstars/Windows Iam able to select  Sesto Senso 2 drivers and it works fine. Under Ubunto/Kstars there is only Sesto Senso (not 2) available under indi as driver. So far this driver doesn´t work with my Sesto Senso 2. I already updated Kstars and indilib but it doesn´t help. Is there anything else I need to consider?

Many thanks in advance for any tip.


Hi Jasem,

Binning was indeed the issue. I changed it to 1x1 and it works.
Thanks so much!!


 Hi Jasem,thanks a lot for the quick reply. To ensure that there is no issue with the settings I already implemented I installed Stellarmate 1.61 from scratch again (without updating).As proposed I took a regular capture first and after I started video-streaming. The issue is still there. Please have a look at the screenshots attached.






I installed Stellarmate 1.61 on a RPI 4 4GB. I really like it! However I have an issue with video-streaming in EKOS. I get following error:

[ERROR] Invalid source buffer size, skipping frame

I already adjusted buffer-size and a few other parameters but I cannot solve it. Iam using an Altair Hypercam 183c fan-cooled (with the AA183CPRO Driver)
Any help would be very appreciated. In general it would be super helpful to see some best-practise settings for this cam.

Many thanks