Tim created a new topic ' Am I dithering here?' in the forum. 12 months ago

I fairly new to Kstars and Ekos so I'm still in the discovery phase.I'm getting quite a bit of rain type noise in my stacked images so I wanted to understand it I was dithering or not. For good or bad I have so far done next to nothing in terms of changing any guiding parameters. I'm using the internal guider and it does a really good job without me changing anything, which is quite astonishing to me. However I do want to make sure I am dithering (I thought this would be the default). If I go to Options>Dither, there are specifically PHD2 parameters on this dialog.


Does this mean all the parameters apply to PHD2? If the not, why is the default set to NOT dither, that doesn't make sense to me since there is everything to be gained by dithering but nothing to lose? Or maybe the internal guider has some parameter for dithering somewhere else? Sorry I'm a bit confused at what I am looking here.Many thanks


Tim created a new topic ' Plate solving and PA not working' in the forum. 1 year ago

I'm new to Stellarmate OS, but I built a Raspberry Pi and had some early success with PA and Plate solving. To cut a long story short the original SD card in my RPi got trashed (please don't ask). So I got a new card and flashed it with the StellarMate OS. Then I began configuring from scratch to get me back to where I was before the SD trashing incident.

For plate soling and PA using the original SD card I did not touch any of the config and was pretty impressed at how it all 'just worked'. However the rebuild of the RPi is not playing ball. Some nights the internal solver works for PA, but not for plate solving and syncing. Most mights now I have to use the on-line solver which is very slow and often aborts.

I have checked my FOV, Focal length etc all seemed to be as they should. Does anyone have ideas that I could look at? I need the solver to work off-line when I am out in the sticks, so I have dowloaded all of the index files. (yes it over the top but desperate times...)

Lastly I am getting this warning   "This could cause the telescope to cross the meridian" when I try PA at the moment. Again any ideas on what to look for? I goes without saying I am nowhere new the meridian. I'm using an AP Mach1 (experimental driver, or the non experimental one)