I'm sure there are better ways to do it but I had to add a flag to track the manual slew state to get it to work.  It looks like the is_slewing() call only works when it's a Goto command, not manual.

Patch attached, don't laugh :)


Awesome! Thank you. I did subsequently try the indi_celestron_aux driver and it works fine so I think we're in the ballpark. I'll give this a shot tonight.


Hi folks,Trying to track down an issue that is confounding all of my attempts to do EAA or guiding of any sort with Astroberry Pi and ASIAIR Plus on a Celestron CPC 1100.  (These may resolve to the same issue as I believe they use very similar stacks).The basic behavior is that after aligning the mount and tracking starts, a slew command or (sometimes) goto command will cause tracking to stall on one or both axes for 5-10 seconds.  I've recorded the behavior in this video (caution is a bit loud): youtu.be/-ahZi-BVcCs If you jump to 25 seconds you'll get the jist of it.  The first few seconds is the sound of the alt and az motors tracking.  I then slew left using the mount control, and when I let up the tracking sound is distinctly different, sounds like we lost one axis.  Then I slew right, no change, but after slewing up, the mount goes dead quiet.  I then poke around at buttons for a bit and tracking starts and stops several times.The hand and motor controllers are at the latest version and I just installed Astroberry Pi from the distribution.  For what its worth, I get this exact behavior form the ASIAIR Plus.  Not resolution there either.I didn't get a debug log from the recorded session but I did attach one from a very similar one in which I slew around and randomly kill one or both tracking states.

In looking here I'm wondering if it needs to disable tracking every time:  s3.amazonaws.com/celestron-site-support-..._nexstarcommprot.pdf

>Note: in most configurations, issuing the slew commands will override (or conflict with) the tracking mode of the mount. Hence it is always best to disable tracking first using the Tracking Commands, issue the slew command, then re-enable tracking.

I do have a cable that works with NexRemote in the PC port.  I think(?) this might work with the indi_celestron_aux driver?  Or not, I'm not sure.

Happy to run any tests that you might suggest.