Nigel Dunmore created a new topic ' Fits viewer questions' in the forum. 2 months ago


I’ve been taking flats and am getting a bit confused by the fits viewer.

When the stats show 16384 (my camera is 14bit so I believe that’s the maximum) for my images surely that means that the pixels are blown out? If it’s that for the averages, minimum surely the whole image is so why is it only a lighter grey? Is it rendering things to the equivalent of 18% grey?
If I click on the red button to show pixels that are saturated I’m not seeing anything change on either my 16384 flats or on star images with some pixels at 16384. Could someone tell me what’s supposed to happen in case I’m missing something please?

Also the histogram doesn’t always look like it’s updating between images and seems inconsistent with what is being reported in the stats. Is there some way of zooming in so I can see whether the exposure is up against the left edge or not and what is the bottom scale in?

Sorry for all the questions just happened to be a clear night (well what passes for night in the uk at this time of year - more like dusk at 1 in the morning:) ) so had ended up actually trying to take some pictures rather than just reading about taking pictures….and then the questions came…