Thanks for the video! What I see is nothing like the wealth of information displayed there. I probably need to turn on verbose logging, but even then it probably won't show me all those graphics in the video. It fails first, iIt never gets past the first yellow light for image capture. The solve reports failure.

This afternoon I went out to my back yard, where there is a concrete slab that the scope sits on. I had marked the line on it that I considered true north based on a compass I had. Only last night did I realize I owned a much better compass, the app on my IPhone. This allowed me to scribe a new line that was exaclty true north. Comparing the two lines, I learned that I was about 3 degrees off. I've placed the scope in line with the new line. Good old high school geometry helped me out. I don't know if three degrees was enough to render the PA tool unusable but we'll see.

It may be a whule before I get to it. I have a dying mother 3/4 of a continent away, whom I need to spend some time with. If I get an observing session in before I go, I'll send the results.