Ok, I bumped up the logging as you indicated. I've attached a screenshot of the settings.

There is a problem here. The log file named was not created. Why would this be? Is there a bug so some other setting change I need to make?
~ » pwd                                                                                                                astronaut@astroarch
~ » ls *.log                                                                                                           astronaut@astroarch
zsh: no matches found: *.log

Anyhow, regardless of the logging problem, here is a screenshot of the results of the polar align

This is actually a big improvement over the previous night's results. The solve still failed with a whopping error as seen in the screenshot, but this time, the "blind image scan" that followed worked quickly. On previous occasions, it went on for minutes without coming to a solution. This, I attribute to my more careful efforts to point true north. Even so, I see none of the information shown in the clip you posted, the blue, green, and yellow lines, which would enable me to fix the alignment. And why is the error so big?