Thanks again for all the advice here. It's all starting to come together now.Tonight, for the first time, I achieved my EAA goal of (aside from initially turning the equipment on), doing an observing session entirely inside.Last night, I completed the Polar alignment down to

2023-11-21T18:18:37 Polar Alignment Error:  00° 16' 01". Azimuth:  00° 14' 36"  Altitude: -00° 06' 35"
following the excellent advice from Hy and others. I used the Plate Solve method, as indicated by Hy, and found it easier than the triangle method. There is one thing I would like to see in future versions: Showing the last two "Updated Err" values so you could tell more easily what your last adjustment achieved. Anyway, with Polar Alignment out the way, I was able to slew to, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon and take my first decent quality capture through the thing. Now I have to learn some astrophotography stuff.

LIke, why is the caputre of the moon so sharp and clear, while, with the same focus settings, Saturn is so blurry and unimpressive.