When I set up my RPi to run both ekos and indi, it works pretty well ... most of the time (I'll get to that).
When I try to run Ekos on my laptop and connect to indi on the (asRPi, it always fails to recognize at least one device.
Often, it will be one of the two cameras, either the main ccd or the guide camera.
Sometimes, Ekos will report that it simply couldn't find one of the devices. Other times, there is an error message to the effect that a USB port was either not found, or in use by another device.

So I suspect this has more to do with USB and less with indi. I'm running a Pegasus Powerbox to supply power to the mount and all the devices, including the Pi. I currently have the cameras and the mount USB connections going to the powerbox.

After shutting down the remote Ekos session, if I try to restart the local Ekos on the RPi, it gets very confused and cannot find two or more devices. I have been resorting to shutting down the Pi, and powering down the entire system, to somehow "clear" the error state.

How can I debug this? Does INDI keep some cache of the usb ports it used the last time a session started? Or is this more an issue at the OS level? I've also noticed that the devices are very finicky about establishing usb connections depending on when you physically connect them. What's the best sequence? Connect everything while power is off, then power up the hub, and then the Pi?