I downloaded StellarmateOS 64-bit, and installed it on a 128GB card in a Rπ, 8GB memory.
I did this because no driver was present for ZWO AM5 mount, but there were instructions on another thread for updating indi core and indi drivers to include this fix.
So I did update_indi_core and update_indi_drivers.
When I tried it out on my rig, I got core dumps as soon as I loaded an Ekos profile with the cameras connected.
The cameras are a Toupcam 2600 clone, and an ASI120MM-S. Both drivers crashed, depending on load order, which brought down the entire kstars process.
I tried to read the core files with gdb, but gdb complained that there was no stack!
I have a core file, if anyone wants to take a look.