Thanks, for my current tests Pi3 with 1GB sort-of works, but it is quite clear that I will have to upgrade once I want to become more serious and once Pi availability becomes reasonable.

I will definitely think about adding an external wifi dongle, although once I account for (1) DSLR, (2) az gti mount (3) GPS dongle and (4) wifi dongle, I am already out of USB ports, unless I add an USB hub to the mix, making the whole setup a bit more unwieldy.

I fixed my goto problems after I set the Home position to north level. I wonder why this is not the default for what is mainly an alt-az mount.

I have now tried to play a bit with the focuser module, trying to get it to control the DSLR's lens focus motor, but was not very successful: if I set the lens to manual, indilib appears unable to control the focus motors, while if I set it to automatic, then it tries to adjust the focus whenever I take an exposure. I will play a bit more with this but my feeling is that using the focuser module with my setup is a no-go.