That was remote on my laptop and the only operation I could get with the mount was to get it to move with the virtual handpad.


Thanks for responding so quickly! Sorry, this probably shows my NOOBness, but what do you mean with control from Ekos directly?


OK, I'm fairly new to this so I will have made some huge NOOB mistakes, but here's my problem.

I have an LXD75 that now has an astro-gadget EQ5 set to drive it. On top ride my Pentax k-5 and an Orion Starshoot guidescope and guidecam. I can connect to the RPi using an ethernet cable and a laptop and then I'm also able to control the mount, but I can't get the camera to work.
When using the Andoid app, I experience numerous connection problems, with the app telling me that it is already running, whilst the app indicates that it is not. Anyway, after a few attempts I'm able to get it started. When using the PAA, an image is captured and solved successfully, but the mount doesn't move at all when the app says that the mount should be slewing to take another image. Still, I do get a PA solution (mostly not that far off since I'm using the internal polar scope to do a pretty decent alignment). This ties in with a more general inability to control the mount from the app. I've selected the EQMOD driver and the mount (rather the grey control box that then connects to the motors) is connected to the RPi by means of a USB cable. The guidecam is connected to the grey control box of the mount by means of the ST4 cable and it is also connected to the RPi by means of a USB cable. My main camera, the Pentax K-5, also has a USB cable connection to the RPi, and I'm fairly sure it is connected (though the app never gets me far enough to verify this).

I'd prefer to use the app, but if the laptop is better, I'll just use that, but I would really like to get this working, so any and all tips are most welcome!

All the best and clear skies,