Hi all,

I'm not the one who posts a lot, I haven't even registered on this forum for a long time, but I've been using KStars & INDI for quite some time and every day (actually night) I'm amazed how cool this astro software suite has been made.

In my setup, KStars & INDI runs under Ubuntu virtually on VMware on an Eagle3 computer. And even though the initial setup took some time, it's fantastic how smooth everything works. I don't want to start a discussion about operating systems, but compared to the Windows tools I used in the past, the difference is indescribable.

With this message I would like to thank the KStars and INDI team for their wonderful work. S├ębastien, Alfred, Ollie, Jim, Jean-Claude, Jerry, Paul
and hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone: you guys are cool !

And last but not least : Jasem you really rock !


Fitchie created a new topic ' Primalucelab Eagle3 support' in the forum. 5 months ago

Good evening,

I'm sorry if it's already asked, but could it be be possible to add the Primalucelab Eagle3 computer to EKOS ?
Since a recent update it's possible to control the Eagle3 by third party apps, so it should be nice to switch on/off the power ports and USB.

Thanks !