Khalid replied to the topic 'Driver OnStep (LX200 like) for INDI' in the forum. 2 months ago

Because INDI is very chatty, sending lots of commands every poll interval, it may uncover things that would not be uncovered using another OnStep client.

I have no intelligent comment to add other than there are significant differences between 4.x and X.

For GX90, OnStepX does the following:
sprintF(reply, "%0.2f", rateSelectToRate(settings.pulseRateSelect));

While 4.x does:

dtostrf(guideRates[currentPulseGuideRate]/15.0,2,2,reply); boolReply=false; break;// pulse-guide rate

For GX96, OnStepX does the following:

case '6': reply[0] = "EWB"[preferredPierSide - 10]; reply[1] = 0; break; // preferred pier side

While 4.x does:

if (preferredPierSide == EAST) strcpy(reply,"E"); else
if (preferredPierSide == WEST) strcpy(reply,"W"); else strcpy(reply,"B");