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08 Apr 2018
INDI development team is happy to announce the release of INDI Library v1.7.0. This new exciting release builds on the maturity of INDI Library and comes with many new supported devices and fixes for existing drivers.
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TOPIC: Problems encountered during my last photo shoot

Problems encountered during my last photo shoot 1 year 5 months ago #13674

Hi !
I did a photo session on Friday that went well overall. I have, however, experienced some small problems which I shall attempt to detail (and with the help of google translate :P ).

My setup:
DMK 41 camera directly connected to my laptop.
On the D-Link hub:
Sx Lodestar v1
Sx Wheel
Logitech Joystick
NEQ6 via EQMod

Portable MSI GE60 2PF, ubuntu 16.04 gnome-shell
Large tractor battery

At the end of the session, a homemade flat screen.

Target of the day: M35. Approximately 40 images of 3 minutes with a CLS filter, 10 darks, 50 bias, 30 flats. I work as a nomad, no landline or internet connection on the ground.

The first problem occurs when the setup is connected, the lodestar does not start. I have to go through it several times to get through the problem. To do this, I disconnect / Stop INDI / Starts INDI / reconnects the most quickly possible. After the third or fourth try, it works. It's very weird, but it works ... Does it come from the connection to the Hub (sx_ccd + sx_wheel), a power supply ... I do not know much about it ...

My second problem occurred at the time of the meridian flip. In the CCD tab, I had set it to Meridian flip if HA> 1h. After an hour three minutes, nothing, an hour six, nothing ... I had to interrupt the session before the filter wheel touches the mount, and make the meridian flip manually. Is there anything in the settings that I forgot for the meridian flip does not fire?
My third problem concerns the alignment, and more particularly load & slew. After the meridian flip, to find exactly the previous framing, I loaded a .fits image done a few minutes ago. Nothing to do, systematic failure. I was able to try later at home with the same pictures, offline and online, no results after 3 minutes. When I upload the image to astrometry.net, no problem.

Another concern, even if I activated the wcs, wcs info never appear on my photos. There, too, maybe there is a setting I missed?

All these problems did not stop me from succeeding my photos, it is the essential!

I join my logs of the evening (sorry, they are looooongs ...)

Thank you for your help !

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Problems encountered during my last photo shoot 1 year 5 months ago #13728

I noticed these two messages :
2017-01-07T01:34:35.791 - DEBG - Alignment:  "FITS header: Cannot find OBJCTRA. Using current mount coordinates."
2017-01-07T01:34:35.792 - DEBG - Alignment:  "FITS header: Cannot find FOCALLEN."
Is this normal ?

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