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20 Aug 2017
INDI development team is happy to announce the release of INDI Library v1.5.0. This new exciting release builds on the maturity of INDI Library and comes with many new supported devices and fixes for existing drivers.
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TOPIC: iEQ45 GTN 8407 and 8406

iEQ45 GTN 8407 and 8406 2 weeks 3 days ago #20717

@silver, saw your message just a moment ago after I commented on your thread: www.indilib.org/forum/mounts/2600-driver....html?start=12#20716

Didn't checked this forum for a while :)

You have already succes with the 8406?

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iEQ45 GTN 8407 and 8406 6 days 2 hours ago #20976

Finally have time to pick up the AF hobby and start using EKOS again.
Updated to the latest versions and saw a lot of improvements in there, really nice to see!

I have the 8406 and 8407 on my desk with which I can test :).
I saw a seperate driver is created for the 8406 which seems to work ok, need to check in detail coming days.

For the 8407 I still have an issue with parking. When starting up an pressing the park button nothing happens except ekos changes de RA and Dec of the mount but doesn't slew to it. I added the logs. The 8407 has no option for setting the parkposition as I red in the documentation. It's either east or west side where it slews to depening on which side the mount is at the moment that he park command is executed.

In the logs I see the wrong commands are used for parking, below the correct ones.

Command: “:AP#”
Response: “0” Un-parking state, “1” Parking state.
This command gets the parking status.

Command: “:MP0#”
Response: “1”
This command un-parks the telescope.

Command: “:MP1#”
Response: “1”
This command invokes the parked mode. In parked mode, the telescope cannot slew, track, and
guide unless a un-park command is issued.
Caution: Any movement caused by hand controller will make the telescope into un-park state.

Last year I created a document with whishes for the iEQ45 2013 and earliers models and knro worked on this. Actually all is implemented except for two items (pierside and goto zero position). Those two together with the park option should be nice to have.

Is someone able to add/fix those features?

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