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Eric Magnien replied to the topic 'What would you like to see in Ekos in 2017?' in the forum. 3 hours 42 minutes ago

I would like to be able to use ekos scheduler and prepare in advance my sessions of acquisition of images. Being nomadic, I can create my sequences only in the field, with all the equipment installed. The ideal would be to be able to create them at home, simulating my hardware setup. But maybe it is already possible?


Jamie Smith replied to the topic 'Ekos on Mac OS X ?' in the forum. 5 hours 41 minutes ago

Pull request merged, and branch deleted. Thanks!


Rob Lancaster replied to the topic 'Ekos on Mac OS X ?' in the forum. 6 hours 38 minutes ago

I submitted the pull request to Jamie for the changes to the Script.
I submitted a pull request to home-brew/science to get them to fix wcslib.
And now I am playing with Travis CI to see if I can get it to work. Don't worry, I forked the kstars-on-osx script after I submitted my pull request to make sure it doesn't mess it up somehow.


Phil Shepherd replied to the topic 'Lakeside focuser' in the forum. 7 hours 1 minute ago

OK... will do.. thanks.



Radek Kaczorek replied to the topic 'Lakeside focuser' in the forum. 7 hours 14 minutes ago

I would go for recording a session with wireshark so to grab all usb traffic. This way you can get proper signalling and carriage return/line feeds. That's how I started with developing Quantum Filter Wheel driver. Otherwise it might be a pain in the ass to go further with developing a driver for this focuser without access to the hardware.


Rob Lancaster replied to the topic 'Ekos on Mac OS X ?' in the forum. 7 hours 39 minutes ago

Now that we nearly have everything working the way we want it in the script, a while back Sean Houghton mentioned Travis CI. I am thinking that it would be nice to run Jamie's script on that. It could particularly solve the error we had with home-brew not installing for previous version of the os. It also would be really nice to have KStars build regularly to keep up with Jasem's frequent updates to the KStars code.


Sebastien Corot replied to the topic 'Polemaster in KStars' in the forum. 8 hours 31 minutes ago

Hi Jasem,

you may find several videos on youtube descripe the QHY Polemaster procedure. This one is particulary intersting:

An advantage I see in such method is that it allows you to align the mount without the need to load it with the whole equipments. Indeed, mount like the EQ6 are _very_ difficult to adjust in ALT once loaded with the OTA and the counter wheights.



Paolo replied to the topic 'Pulsar2 connection fails' in the forum. 8 hours 39 minutes ago

see also private message with some reserved documents...


Rob Lancaster replied to the topic 'Ekos on Mac OS X ?' in the forum. 8 hours 44 minutes ago

Ok, while I figure this out, I thought I would post what I was writing when craft had a problem.

Ok Jamie and Stephane,

I think my changes to the script are finally ready for you to take a look at, after several days of work. I have tested the script in all 3 modes and it builds just fine (NOTE: except when I just tried the emerge/craft option, but that looks like a minor mistake on their part--no big deal). I even deleted everything from my home-brew which led me to find out that kded was missing from the brew install list in the cmake version. It is kind of needed since it launches klauncher. Here is mainly what I changed from your version to robsMods.

1. Added xplanet, kioslave, astrometry, plugins, and frameworks to the directories for the install name tool.
2. Switched to @loader_path instead of @executable_path
3. Doing #2 allowed me to get rid of a lot of the duplication of dylibs in multiple places, they are all in Frameworks now.
4. Added the gsc executable, supporting the CCD simulator's fake ccd images.
5. Copied the plugins into the bundle to support the functionality of downloading new images in the details window.
6. Corrected the file path generation for copying libindi, libnova, libcfitsio and other libraries into Frameworks
7. Made the dmg and dmg icon look nice.
8. Added an option for building KStars via cmake with the generation of an Xcode project.
9. Simplified and fixed the cmake kstars finishing steps to put the files in the correct app bundle and then finish it off.

Some thoughts for future improvement:

1. We should try including netpbm, creating an installer for it, or finding an installer for it. Right now users have to install homebrew and possibly Xcode tools to use it and it is a crucial package for astrometry.
2. We need to look into what the dmg needs to have on it in terms of instructions, readme's, license agreements etc.
3. It would be good to resolve the issue with building the software packages we are currently installing with home-brew for previous versions of OS X. Right now, if you build on Sierra, and try to use the app on El Capitan, some things will not work, since they were built for Sierra.


Paolo replied to the topic 'Pulsar2 connection fails' in the forum. 8 hours 48 minutes ago

Hi Camiel

thank you, that's very helpful! I'm not at all a technical programmer (I program more for science work and numerical analysis) so I'm quickly lost with the drivers.

It might well be that some spurious characters are appearing in the answers, and the fact that we are on different versions of the hardware could explain the problem.



Jasem Mutlaq thanked Pepe in topic Polemaster in KStars 8 hours 55 minutes ago
Radek Kaczorek replied to the topic 'Astroberry PiFace' in the forum. 8 hours 55 minutes ago

I'm glad it work with PiFace Digital2. It was not tested with this hardware but it's a good news that the driver supports both PiFace Relay Plus and PiFace Digital2.
You can control your relay with a python scripts. I have not developed these for my relays but there was a thread somewhere on the forum on this topic.


Jasem Mutlaq replied to the topic 'Segmentation fault when parking the telescope simulator' in the forum. 8 hours 59 minutes ago

They do. sudo apt-get install kstars-bleeding-dbg


Rob Lancaster replied to the topic 'Ekos on Mac OS X ?' in the forum. 9 hours 13 minutes ago

Dang, I was almost done updating the script and when I just ran it testing the emerge/craft option, I discovered that they changed the directory structure messing up my file copies at the end. They say that emerge/craft is supposed to simplify the porting process, and in large part it does. But it doesn't finish things, you still need a script to copy relevant files into your app bundle. But when they keep making changes to the name of the tool and to its directory structure, it keeps breaking our scripts.

Time to fix it again. . .


Camiel Severijns replied to the topic 'Pulsar2 connection fails' in the forum. 9 hours 21 minutes ago

Hi Paolo,

My Pulsar is the original one not the Pulsar2. The LX200 commands supported should be the same except for the pulse guiding commands that Pulsar2 supports.

What is shown in the lines containing RES is the literal response from the Pulsar. The ? character corresponds to the degree character. That this character changes later on is the way it is implemented in the Pulsar. Anyways this character is ignored when parsing R.A. and Decl. values.

From the remaining parts of the logs I get the impression that some commands are not responding in the same way as with my old Pulsar. E.g., setting the time works fine but while setting the date the response is RES<#> which seems to be the closing '#' of the previous command. My Pulsar doesn't send this character. To test this I'll modify the driver so that it will ignore these extra characters.

Let me know whether that solves your problems.



Paolo replied to the topic 'Pulsar2 connection fails' in the forum. 12 hours 56 minutes ago

Hi Camiel

please find here below an excerpt of different communication attempts with mount. It is pretty strange that it does not work for me, while it works for you. Can you check if the firmware version is the same? (this should not matter much but who knows...).

I comment by blocks, for an easier interpretation.

So, first, connection:

DEBUG	58.127398 sec	: Testing telescope connection using ACK...
DEBUG	58.129876 sec	: Testing successful!
DEBUG	58.129933 sec	: Checking Pulsar version ...
SCOPE	58.129951 sec	: CMD <:YV#>
SCOPE	58.241288 sec	: RES <PULSAR V5.60a   ,2016.01.04.     > (1 attempts)
INFO	58.241354 sec	: 5.60a 2016.01.04
INFO	58.241364 sec	: Pulsar2 is online. Retrieving basic data...
DEBUG	58.241375 sec	: The mount is already tracking.
SCOPE	58.241653 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	58.352025 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	58.352065 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	58.463023 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	58.463081 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	58.463090 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	58.573946 sec	: RES <+00:00:00> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	58.574021 sec	: VAL [0]
SCOPE	58.574033 sec	: CMD <#:YGN#>
SCOPE	58.684952 sec	: RES <0> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	58.685016 sec	: VAL [0]
SCOPE	58.685042 sec	: CMD <#:YGP#>
SCOPE	58.795951 sec	: RES <0,0> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	58.796015 sec	: CMD <#:YGQ#>
SCOPE	58.906827 sec	: RES <1> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	58.906889 sec	: VAL [1]
SCOPE	58.906905 sec	: CMD <#:YGR#>
SCOPE	59.017800 sec	: RES <1,1> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	59.017907 sec	: CMD <#:Gt#>
SCOPE	59.128828 sec	: RES <+43?41:59> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	59.128876 sec	: VAL [+43:41]
SCOPE	59.128892 sec	: CMD <#:Gg#>
SCOPE	59.239824 sec	: RES <352?44:12> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	59.239886 sec	: VAL [+352:44]
SCOPE	59.239923 sec	: CMD <#:GL#>
SCOPE	59.351051 sec	: RES <13:35:32> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	59.351105 sec	: VAL [13:35:32]
SCOPE	59.351114 sec	: CMD <#:GC#>

note a few "?" in the displayed (or received) values.

Then, setting UT and coordinates both fail:
SCOPE	60.793681 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	60.904585 sec	: RES <+00:00:00> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	60.904650 sec	: VAL [0]
DEBUG	60.904700 sec	: New JD is 2457769.000000
SCOPE	60.904715 sec	: CMD <#:SL 13:35:33#>
SCOPE	61.015565 sec	: RES <1>
SCOPE	61.015625 sec	: CMD <:SC 01/15/17#>
SCOPE	61.015649 sec	: RES <#>
ERROR	61.015661 sec	: Error setting UTC date.
SCOPE	61.015734 sec	: CMD <#:Sl 352:39#>
SCOPE	61.126824 sec	: RES <1>
SCOPE	61.126872 sec	: CMD <#:St 043:42#>
SCOPE	61.126893 sec	: RES <#>
ERROR	61.126903 sec	: Error setting site coordinates
SCOPE	61.905481 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	62.014246 sec	: RES <1100:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	62.014317 sec	: VAL [1100]
SCOPE	62.014335 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	62.126989 sec	: RES <+00:00:00> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	62.127053 sec	: VAL [0]
SCOPE	63.128142 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	63.235202 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	63.235288 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]

(It also fails to set site coordinates from the control panel)
By clicking in the panel with motion control buttons, I managed to move the mount south. This seems to be working ok:
SCOPE	106.076407 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	106.185024 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	106.185100 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	106.972137 sec	: CMD <#:Ms#>
INFO	106.972214 sec	: Moving toward South.
SCOPE	107.185376 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	107.185470 sec	: RES <+00:00:00> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	107.185508 sec	: VAL [0]
SCOPE	107.185524 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	107.294600 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	107.294676 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	108.295727 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	108.295823 sec	: RES <-00:00:03> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	108.295862 sec	: VAL [-0.000833333]
SCOPE	108.295879 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	108.404508 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	108.404577 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	109.405662 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	109.405772 sec	: RES <-00:05:24> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	109.405837 sec	: VAL [-0.09]
SCOPE	109.405858 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	109.514373 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	109.514454 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	110.383090 sec	: CMD <#:Qs#>
INFO	110.383151 sec	: Movement toward South halted.
SCOPE	110.514648 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	110.514744 sec	: RES <-00:19:25> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	110.514782 sec	: VAL [-0.323611]
SCOPE	110.514792 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	110.624111 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	110.624173 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]

...note the here the "?" have disappeared.
Then, I try a couple of times to sync coordinates to another value. It does not work (a single attempt shown here):
SCOPE	141.590384 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	141.698906 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	141.698966 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	142.205177 sec	: CMD <#:Sr 21:54:56#>
SCOPE	142.205235 sec	: RES <->
SCOPE	142.699509 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	142.699604 sec	: RES <00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	142.699642 sec	: VAL [0.649167]
SCOPE	142.699652 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	142.699668 sec	: RES <1> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	142.699680 sec	: VAL [1]
SCOPE	143.700748 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	143.700827 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	143.700852 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	143.700857 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
Attempt to set side of pier, pole crossing, PEC off. When testing, I had the impression that this did not work, but here I see that it should be ok (RES 0 received). So maybe I'm wrong but I had the impression that the light on the control panel did not turn green. Anyway, I see that there is a :Q command in the middle (slew stop?) I don't know if it's normal:
SCOPE	154.716609 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	154.716629 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	154.796307 sec	: CMD <#:YSN0#>
SCOPE	154.905513 sec	: RES <0>
SCOPE	155.717487 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	155.717593 sec	: RES <0:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	155.717654 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	155.717673 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	155.717722 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	155.717750 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	156.718819 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	156.718927 sec	: RES <100:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	156.718972 sec	: VAL [100]
SCOPE	156.718990 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	156.719038 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	156.719067 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	157.231323 sec	: CMD <#:Q#>
SCOPE	157.719648 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	157.719733 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	157.719762 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	157.719770 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	157.719806 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	157.719823 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	158.720876 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	158.720970 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	158.721008 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	158.721017 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	158.721064 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	158.721083 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	159.722149 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	159.722250 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	159.724295 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	159.724325 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	159.724382 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	159.724412 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	160.725482 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>
SCOPE	160.725584 sec	: RES <00:00:01> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	160.725626 sec	: VAL [0.000277778]
SCOPE	160.725644 sec	: CMD <#:GD#>
SCOPE	160.725693 sec	: RES <-00:38:57> (1 attempts)
SCOPE	160.725722 sec	: VAL [-0.649167]
SCOPE	161.180398 sec	: CMD <#:YSP0,0#>
SCOPE	161.180487 sec	: RES <0>
SCOPE	161.726331 sec	: CMD <#:GR#>

That's all.... I hope that the above tells you something meaningful, for a quick and easy correction.

Best regards


Derek replied to the topic 'Segmentation fault when parking the telescope simulator' in the forum. 13 hours 24 minutes ago


Thanks, I'll try that. I was using the PPA package so I guess that would not have the debug info compiled in.



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