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Figured it out! I was running the SiTechExe software one the windows machine in the debugger. When I run it standalone on the windows machine, I was able to connect from the linux box!
Thanks Jasem for helping me get started.

Dan Gray


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Hi all,
Thanks a million for helping me get the TCP Telescope working.
Now, I have another problem.
I took your suggestion, and looked at the Paramount telescope, and now everything is working on the local computer, connected to my software called SiTechExe.

Well, I expected that it would work no matter where the software was running.
If I connect to, and I have the SiTechExe running on the same machine as KStars and INDI, it works fine.
But if I'm running KStars and INDI on the linux box, and SiTechExe on my windows machine, I can't connect. It gets stopped in the connect() routine in connectiontcp.cpp.

Thanks for any help.
Dan Gray
Sidereal Technology.


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Thanks Oleg, very helpful stuff.

Jasem, this paramount.cpp and h is exactly what I needed, thanks a lot!


Dan Gray created a new topic ' Connecting to a TCP/IP telescope' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hi all,
So, I'm new to INDI, and I haven't used C++ for 30 years! Yes, giving away my age.....
My lifetime (seems like anyway) project is SiTechExe.exe, a windows/ascom telescope program that controls our brushed and brushless servo controllers (sidereal technology).

Ok, it's about time, lots of our customers want an INDI driver.
Here's where I am right now:

I've got QTCreator working, and compiling a new telescope called SiTechScope, or something. I based it on the telescope_simulator. It's working with KStars as a simulator, now I just need the driver to communicate with our SiTechExe software, instead of just simulating a telescope.

SiTechExe is a TCP server, and you can send it text, for instance, if you send (in my case)
THIS: "GoTo 12.123 45.456"
Then SiTechExe will move the scope to that RA and Dec. You can also sync, park, track satellites, track comets, and many other things, as well as reading status of the mount.

So, I was looking at baseclient, and it seems to be specific for connecting to an INDI server, not to a hardware device (in this case another piece of software).
So, does this mean I should start from scratch using C++ library socket routines? This seems daunting, especially to keep it from blocking, for instance, I need another process?
Any ideas would be helpful.

The second question, In KStars, I'm able to set the IP address and port number for the telescope. How do I access these from my telescope driver?

I'm sure I'll have 3rd, 4th, and nth questions!

Thanks a million!
Dan Gray



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