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In my case problem was Blueman . It was auto connecting the device on boot. So I made sure on reboot it wasn't auto connecting. Blueman was used only once to pair the device .

Now I run this below script after Login

sudo rfcomm bind hci0 <your mac address> 1
sleep 5
sudo chown <username> /dev/rfcomm0

also to note when i put the above script to invoke from my rc.local mount wasn't connecting ,that is something i need to investigate further. Hope this helps.


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Yes you just choose eqmod driver on the indi and for phd2 driving you have to chose on camera as the mount.For some reason 9600 baud rate does not work and i have to use 15200 and click on connect again. I haven't really tried guiding yet, but phd2 is able to recognize my guider camera (zwo 120mm) so i don't see a reason why it would not work. Here's my setup.


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I had similar issue recently and i remember doing the below to fix it

sudo chown astroberry /dev/rfcomm0
sudo usermod -a -G dialout astroberry

Replace astroberry with your username.


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I use this app and method outlined in this to get roughly aligned



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