Jasem Mutlaq
Lead Developer & Maintainer

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Jasem in Ikarus Observatory

Jasem is the lead developer INDI Library & Ekos. He maintains INDI Library since 2004 and developed the original LX200 drivers and all subsequent LX200 based drivers. The following is a list of areas he worked on:

  • Core: Created INDI Base, Client, and Common Libraries. Several improvements to INDI server.
  • INDI Server: FIFO Mode for dynamic startup/shutdown of drivers.
  • INDI Client Library: Base library for all INDI Clients to communicate with INDI servers and drivers.
  • Documentation: API, INDI Developer's Manual, Examples, FAQ, Tutorials, and INDI Site content.
  • Developed drivers for the following devices:
      • Mounts:
        • Meade LX200 based controllers (Autostar, Classic, GPS, Basic...etc).
        • Celestron.
        • Astrophysics
        • ZEQ25
        • IEQPro
        • Astro-Electronics FS-2
        • Losmandy Gemini
        • Pulsar 2
        • Simulator
      • CCDs & Filter Wheels:
        • QSI CCD
        • QHY CCD & Filter Wheel
        • Apogee CCD
        • Fishcamp CCD
        • FLI CCD, Filter Wheel, and Focuser
        • ASI CCD
        • Xagyl Filter Wheel
        • TruTech Filter Wheel
        • Filter Wheel Simulator
        • V4L2

    juli und tommy

    • Domes:
      • Baader Dome
      • Roll Off base
      • Simulator
    • Focusers:
      • Focus Lynx
      • MoonLite
      • N Focus
      • Perfect Star
      • Robo Focus
      • Baader Steeldrive Focuser
      • Optec TCF-S Focuser
    • Weather:
      • Vantage Pro
      • WunderGround
      • Weather Meta driver
    • Auxilary:
      • Joystick
      • Optec Flip-Flat and Flat-Man
      • GPUSB
      • WatchDog driver and client.
      • GPS Simulator

Jasem is also a core developer of KStars & Ekos. Besides astronomy, Jasem enjoys gaming, biking, hiking, and spending too much time with his two dogs: Tommy, and Juli!


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