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I have actually managed to do exactly run two DSLRs (450D AND 550D) simultaneously as suggested by Jasem using two instances of Kstars locally on a machine.

The first instance has the mount, guider and 450D on my Skywatcher 120ED and the 2nd instance just runs the one device (550D).

I uncheck guiding deviations on the second instance and it essentially runs the same schedule as the first instance. I have tried 5 seconds delay between subs and haven't seen any noticeable degradation with the camera shutters firing at different times.

The next session I am going to run dithering with more delay between subs to allow the first instance to do it's thing and then by the time it's done the second slave instance should be firing in time to allow capture without any movements since that has been accomplished by the first instance. Hope that makes sense.

I am using an ACER r3710 dual core pc and it can handle all processing with two cameras simultaneously. A true testament to the work everyone has put i INDI because in the past i tried two instances of AstroPhotographtTool (APT) programs and my i7 laptop struggled controlling two the two cameras.

Also, I don't have the fits previews running because i don't want to burden the slow ACER nettop too much.

Thanks again



I have a recurring error with my QHY5 showing “exposure timeout error” message when the guide camera fails to loop. It will continue exposure on first loop. But once started, and stopped, any loop after the first results in the same error.

Log file is added.

Many thanks, AstroWill.


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Hi guys,

I'm having the same error using the QHY driver. How do I install .bin files?...i tried following the method on this link below but had not success installation. it returns "Segmentation fault" in the terminal window.

Any help appreciated, Thanks.


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I have attempted this solution and the problem wasn't resolved for my QHY5-M. It is showing the "Exposure Timeout" error since the update released 08/04/2018.
I have a QHY5-L-ii-c that seems to work without any failures but I would rather not guide using the colour cam. Any suggestions?



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