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It seems that I am also experiencing this Windows-only bug where cfitsio returns with status 105/FILE_NOT_CREATED (resulting in the 'Error creating WCS file: "couldn't create the named file"' message in the log). I've spent an hour or two poking around the KStars, Qt, and cfitsio source code to try to determine why this is happening, but nothing has immediately jumped out at me. The error is definitely coming from cfitsio, but as for why, not to mention only on Windows, I'm not really sure. The file path in the log that HelgeMK posted certainly looks valid, and KStars does prepend a ! character to set cfitsio's "clobber" option, so I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be deleting and re-creating the file. Perhaps fits_read_errmsg() would provide more specific information as to where/why this error is being emitted?

My working hypothesis is that the existing t file created by Qt isn't being removed properly by cfitsio for some reason, since I think that Linux systems will not complain about "creating" a new file if it already exists but is empty, whereas Windows systems will. That's really the only explanation I can come up with for the Windows-specific behavior we are seeing here. I have a somewhat limited ability to look into this right now as I'm at a week-long star party, but I'll try to build KStars from source with the equipment I have with me, so that I can make some tweaks and see if I can figure out a fix.



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