INDI Development team is happy to announce the release of INDI Library v1.3.0 on Oct. 30th, 2016. Following are the highlights of this release:

From 1.2.0 to 1.3.0

  • Support for Shelyak eShel spectrograph.
  • Support for NStep focuser.
  • Support for ASI Filter Wheel.
  • Support for OneStep Telescope Controller.
  • Support for Moravian CCD driver.
  • Support for GigE machine vision cameras.
  • Experimental SSAG CCD driver.
  • Adding support for fast BLOB with ENCLEN. With Fast blob mode enabled, blob performance is now significantly faster.
  • FITS Min/Max calculations are disabled by default to save processing time unless explicitly enabled by the user at compile time.
  • Qt5 based client class is added to enable multiplatform client development.
  • New significantly faster base64 encoding/decoding routines.
  • Selectable alignment modes for INDI EQMod that includes built-in EQMod alignment and INDI Alignment Subsystem.
  • CCD sequence queue number is no longer limited to 999.
  • More Starlight Xpress CCDs cameras supported.
  • Updated Starlight Xpress Adaptive Optics driver.
  • Updated Temma Takahashi mount driver.
  • Updated Apogee CCD driver.
  • Updated QHY CCD driver with numerous fixes.
  • Updated FLI CCD driver.
  • Updated Pulasr2 driver.
  • Updated ASI CCD with support for arm64 architecture, 1600 model and a lot more.
  • Significant improvements to GPhoto driver including better support for Nikon DSLRs.
  • Improved GPSd driver.
  • New CCD_FILE_PATH property to indicate remote file path.
  • New TELESCOPE_PIER_SIDE property.
  • Dome & Telescope Scripting Gateway added.
  • Added support for servos in Indiduino
  • Fix BuiltinMathPlugin crash for Southern Hemisphere
  • Add scope park aware feature to the rolloff roof simulator
  • INDI Logs are now stored under ~/.indi/logs and arranged by date and time per driver.

Source and Ubuntu packages are available for download.


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