INDI is available on several platforms. It is critical to distinguish betweeh the INDI Wire Protocol and INDI Library .

INDI Wire protocol is a set of abstract protocol descriptions, semantics, and schemas as strictly defined by INDI White Paper. The protocol can be implemented under any operating system.

INDI Library is a specfic implementation of the wire protocol for a target platform or platforms.

INDI Library: INDI Library is an open source implementation of the INDI wire protocol for POSIX compliant operating systems. Currently, we support Linux, BSD, and Mac OS. There is a windows port in progress but it is in very early stages.

jINDI:commercial Java implementation of the INDI wire protocol.

wINDI: commercial .NET implementation of the INDI Wire protocol.

INDI For Java: a free and open source implementation of the INDI wire protocol in Java, along with Java & Android clients.


3rd Party

Choose from the numerous 3rd party INDI drivers to suit your needs!

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