Develop with INDI
Learn how to develop cross-platform INDI clients and hardware drivers.
Find all the necessary developer tutorials, guides, APIs to help you get started in development and publishing your software.
Along with a very strong developer community, you are never alone developing for the growing INDI eco-system

Total control, Total support

Almost any kind of devices are supported by INDI, a developer finds everything needed to build drivers, templates, improvements for astronomy instrumentation.
INDI also includes documentation, constantly updated backends, clients, and community-driven support and feedbacks.
The wide variety of drivers, interface types (devices), supported platforms and programming languages, let INDI to be the best choice for astronomy instrumentation producers and developers.
Client/server connectivity is the core of INDI
INDIlib improves your productivity

Community supported

INDIlib is the best way to power up your industry. The INDI community is the best resource to get immediate feedback about your products and to be always updated about news and market tendencies. INDI is free, open source and user-targeted, but remains a must-have developing instrument for astronomy producers.
The INDI library is free and open-source.
As a developer, you can get help and support for your project.
..Your product is one step toward success with INDI
Developer Home
Clone the INDI library repository and start to develop.
The requirements are a PC, Linux or Mac, or Windows, and your creativity.
Add your contribution now!
Official Repository
Get all the help you need from INDIlib documentation.
Everything you need to develop and improve your code is well documented and updating.
Start right now!
INDI API Documentation
Writing clients
Read on how to write a client for an INDI server and control it with the drivers it has connected!
Client Tutorials
Writing drivers
Write your own drivers for INDI, add it into the repository and share it with the INDI community!
Driver Tutorials
Add your driver
Add your driver to the INDI official repositories now and let users install it into their system!
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