INDI is available on several platforms. It is critical to distinguish betweeh the INDI Wire Protocol and INDI Library .

INDI Wire protocol is a set the complete set of XML-based language used to communicate between devices and clients. It includes protocol descriptions, semantics, and schemas as strictly defined by INDI White Paper. The protocol can be implemented under any operating system and using any language.

INDI Library is a specfic implementation of the wire protocol for a target platform or platforms.

INDI Library: INDI Library is an open source implementation of the INDI wire protocol for POSIX compliant operating systems. Currently, we support Linux, BSD, and Mac OS. There is a windows port in progress but it is in very early stages.

INDI For Java: a free and open source implementation of the INDI wire protocol in Java, along with Java & Android clients.

INDISharp: a MIT-Licensed C# implementation of INDI, including server, client and drivers coding possibilities, higly portable and cross-platform.