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INDI Library v1.7.5 Released.

14 Nov 2018
Glad to announce of release of INDI Library v1.7.5 on 2018-11-14. A few drivers were added in this release as we continue to improve & stabilize existing drivers.
From 1.7.4 to 1.7.5

+ New Altair Cameras driver.
+ New Touptek Cameras.
+ New standalone QHY CFW driver.
+ New manual filter wheel driver.
+ New OpenWeatherMap driver.
+ New OnFocus driver.
+ Support for AZ-GTi driver via EQMod.
+ Support for Gemini SnapCap driver.
+ Support for FocusCube.
+ limesdr (Software Defined Radio) driver fixes & improvements.
+ MGEN driver updates and fixes.
+ RTL-SDR driver updates and fixes.
+ arduino driver updates and fixes.
+ Duplicate models handling in multiple drivers.
+ Add fallback shutters speed for some GPhoto cameras.
+ Add pier side support to Celestron and Synscan drivers.
+ Add focus limits to SestoSenso driver.
+ Major update to USBFocusV3 driver.
+ Added stream struct and some astronomic helpers to libdspau.
+ OnStep fixes and updates.
+ FocusLynx refactor and updates.
+ Geographic location update fixes in mount driver.
+ Parking support in SS2000PC mount.
+ TCFS refactoring and fixes.
+ WeatherWatcher socket bug fixes.
+ Fix Synscan J2000 epoch issue.
+ Fix DSUSB GPhoto bug when capturing short exposures.
+ Add option to force BULB by default in GPhoto driver.
+ Add XPIXSX and YPIXSX for logical binned pixel size.
+ Fix problem with handling XML entities between clients, servers, and drivers.
+ Fix feature stacking streamed frames to simulate absolute exposure.
+ Fix iOptron guide rates.
+ Fix iOptron calender setting.
+ Removed libapogee libboost dependency.
+ Removed Zulu prefix in FITS header timestamp.
+ Updated Morovian SDK (0.3.5)
+ Updated QHY SDK (4.0.1)
+ Updated ZWO SDK (1.13.0930)
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